Finish hard things that are on no one's agenda but your own

The Creative Focus Workshop

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We're making some major changes to The Creative Focus Workshop!

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Finish the work that matters most with the Creative Focus Workshop

Put work out into the world without anguishing over every detail.

Make clear-minded decisions rooted in what matters most to you so you don’t feel you have to justify yourself to anyone or second-guess yourself.

Create and defend healthy boundaries with the people in your life so your priorities don’t get steamrolled.

Feel a sense of autonomy and agency, free to experiment, pivot, implement on the fly.

Grow to trust your instincts, trust your creative community, and most importantly, to trust and believe in yourself.

The Creative Focus Workshop is the only complete, step-by-step course and group coaching program specifically designed for creative people to put the regular practice of creative work at the center of their lives.

You'll have the power to:

  • Create room in every week for your creative work.
  • Turn down the volume on your inner critic so you can work without being held back by guilt, anxiety, and self-blame.
  • Sustain the energy and motivation you feel when starting an awesome project.
  • Value your own creative work as highly as you value the work you do for other people.
  • Build relationships with fellow passionate and ambitious creative people who can support you on your journey.
  • Pitch your work to dream outlets, publishers, clients, and fans—with total confidence.
  • Take on bigger, more ambitious projects than you’ve ever dreamed or dared to.
  • Finish that project. Choose the right next project.
  • Finish that one, too!

Your work is not a luxury…
it’s the path to your future.

And the Creative Focus Workshop will help you clear that path.

Happy days! I’m changing my chaotic ways

Slowly but surely, I'm changing my chaotic ways.

For the first project I've completed with the aid of Creative Focus, the deadline was today, and I reverse engineered my plan from the that date.

I got an email from the curator: “Early....??! Wow! Is this a new year's resolution?”

That felt like a win!

Happy days. Next?!

— Rauni Higson, silversmith

You're going to see your life transformed

I look back and I realize that my God, I was working so differently six months ago. There are things I do and tools I have that make every day really, really much better.

What you will find out, like I did, is that you can read about this as much as you like. But not before you're actually in a workshop, doing the assignments each week, having this community around you, having Jessica to lead all of this—that's where you're going to see your life being transformed. So if you're on the fence, I would say don't think about it, just join. And you can thank me three months from now if you take my advice.

— André Hedetoft, film director

The Creative Focus Workshop has helped hundreds of creative people prioritize and FINISH their most important work!

It's your turn to find creative focus and finish the work that matters most to you—with the support and insight of a community of fellow creatives walking the same path!


Hi, I'm Jessica Abel!

I've been a working professional cartoonist and author for over 25 years, and I help serious creatives get their most important work off the back burner and out into the real world.

My straightforward, realistic Creative Focus methodology has helped thousands of creative people stop letting other people hijack their priorities, and start finishing and launching the work they know matters most.

No matter how long you've been trying—and failing—to take control of your focus and productivity, you can do this!